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Pre-Note: Made Originally Back in 2016, Edited 2018. It's A Remastered Verison of A Game I Was Going To Release Called Extremely Legit Text Based Business Simulation But I've Changed It To Legit Business Simulator: Remastered.

Game Description: A Legit Business Simulator Remastered After 2 Years.


Original Game Features:

1.  1 Ending

2.  About the same size As Error Code

3. Choices Didn't Matter

4.  Grammar Was Awful 

Remastered Game Features:

1. 3 Endings

2. Easter Eggs

3. References

4. 12kb (two Error Codes)

5. Grammar Remastered

6. Choices Matter

Install instructions

1. Have Notepad Or Notepad++ Installed

2. Download The Game And If Your Broswer Says It's harmful, Press Keep

3. Double Click On 'LSBR.bat'

3.5: If Your Virus Protector (Windows Defender, etc) says Don't Run, Run. Trust Me

4. Enjoy!


LBSR.bat 12 kB

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